Claim Your Happiest, Healthiest, and Wealthiest Self NOW Using a Proven 30-Day Process From the UK’s “Most Outstanding” Positive Psychologist

Discover how one bite-sized shift each day can create massive transformations in your finances, health, and relationships… and it’s all backed by science.
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Over the next 30 days you will…

  • Effortlessly automate your own happiness, health, and wellbeing so you can perform from a peak state every single day 
  • Master mindful self-esteem so you become an unstoppable magnet for more opportunities in your life
  • Embrace your own personal power to show up as the best version of yourself more of the time 
  • Commit to a new level of self love you never even knew was possible so you can get out of your own way
  • All while beginning to understand the foundation of positive psychology so you can use these tools as a framework for your own clients! 
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“Now Is Your Chance” is an extraordinary handbook for breaking through to success. Niyc Pidgeon is a leader in the women’s empowerment movement and has proven to transform many lives personally and professionally. She is the real deal!’ - Dr Erin (Erin Fall Haskell), Bestselling Author of Awakening, 2016 Global Peace Leader Award
- Dr. Erin (Erin Fall Haskell)
Bestselling Author of Awakening, 2016 Global Peace Leader Award

Are You Willing to Pay the Price of Happiness So You Can Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Out of Life? 

I hope the answer is yes. 

Because after spending nearly a decade coaching women all around the world and generating more than $27 million dollars among myself and my clients…

I can tell you that happiness--- not hustle--- is the true cost of admission into next-level wealth, health, and relationships.

But none of us are taught that. 

In fact, most of us are conditioned to feel bad when we’re happy or when we prioritize our happiness--- 

We think things like, “Shouldn’t I be struggling?” or “If I let myself be happy where I am, does it mean I’m giving up?”

Women are especially conditioned to think this way, but the reality is, happy women make more money. 

It’s true…
  • The National Academy of Sciences of the USA found happy people earned significantly higher levels of income all throughout their life 
  • A study at University of Warwick found happier people are 12% more productive
  • On the job, behavioral therapists have found happy people tend to look for solutions rather than problems
  • According to Wesleyan University, happy people have 15 fewer sick days per year and live up to 10 years longer than unhappy people
Amazing, right? 

And if you’re a female coach or entrepreneur, your happiness is even more important than you think...

The truth is, all those things you think you want--- the money, the health, the relationships…

You want them because you think you’ll be happier when you get them. 

While that might be true, here’s the problem: you can’t create success, wellbeing, and love out of stress. Or doubt. Or overwhelm. Or fear. 

(Neither can your clients, by the way.)

So how do you get from here to there? 
Think about it: have you ever noticed it’s harder to follow through on simple tasks like emails, sales calls, outreach, or even making time for a workout when you’re feeling low? 

When we’re not performing from our peak state, neither are our businesses.

That means your happiness needs to be your #1 priority--- whether you want to fit into your old skinny jeans or create a 7-figure business. 

And, Now Is Your Chance gives you 30 straightforward, actionable ways to help yourself--- and even your clients--- do just that. 

Now Is Your Chance Shows You How to Hack Your Happiness With Proven Positive Psychology Techniques… One Day At a Time

Here’s a peak at what’s inside:
  • Day 1 shows you how to use gratitude as a “booster shot” for everything from instantly improving your relationships to supporting better overall health 
  • Day 6 reveals how to illuminate the gaps between who you are and who you want to be so you can “quantum leap” into the happiest, most successful, healthiest version of yourself now
  • Day 7 explores insecurities around our strengths and success and how to stop feeling guilty for them
  • Day 13 reveals how to transform self-doubt into kickass confidence and a chance for powerful growth 
  • Day 15 opens your eyes to the magic of language and how choosing your words has a massive impact on your reality (you’ll also see that the law of attraction is, in fact, grounded in science!)
  • Day 24 reunites you with your “Inner Guru” and helps you start to trust your intuition about your career, your relationships, your health, and your happiness
  • Day 29 talks about grit and how to foster a “mental toolkit” to cultivate unshakeable resilience in the face of anything life throws your way
  • Day 30 sends you on your way with a powerful, 20-minute, 3-step morning routine that puts you in your peak state every day so you can draw more positivity and opportunities to you like a magnet
...And, you’ll notice every day’s practice is backed up with cited, scientific research. That’s right--- none of this is simply “feel-good” “woo-woo” stuff! These practices work. 

In fact, I guarantee if you take even half of this book to heart, you’ll start to see yourself change in ways you never thought possible.  
Just pay $7.95 for shipping & handling!

What Experts Are Saying About 
Now Is Your Chance 

Renowned success coach Brendon Burchard says Now Is Your Chance is “Life transformative!”
More Joy, Fulfillment, and Freedom
“Through the powerful practices Niyc shares in Now Is Your Chance, you will access a space of more joy, more fulfilment and more freedom. How amazing can your life get? Open this book and find out.”

Natalie MacNeil

Emmy award-winning media entrepreneur, author of She Takes on the World and The Conquer Kit, and the creator of SheTakesOnTheWorld.com
Reclaim your power
“Niyc Pidgeon is a role model for millennial women worldwide, and a voice for those who crave an amazing life of success and fulfilment. She proves that absolutely anything is possible when you adapt your mindset. Now is Your Chance is a call to reclaim your power, grab life by the balls, and jump in with both feet. Be prepared to get inspired!”

Mel Wells

Bestselling author of The Goddess Revolution, health and eating psychology coach and international speaker 
Jam Packed With Support, Tools, and Pep Talks
“Niyc Pidgeon’s new book is here! In it she takes you through a powerful 30-day process (jam packed with support, tools and pep-up talks) that will set you up to live your best life, not someday in the future, but today, as in NOW!”

Rebecca Campbell

Author of Light is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise
Just pay $7.95 for shipping & handling!

How to Use This Book for Yourself

This book is designed to give you a boost of happiness every day in just a few minutes.

I’ve intentionally made this all quick and easy, because if you want success, then the goal is to stop putting your happiness on the back burner. 

It’s up to you whether to go in order, flip to the sections you feel you need most, or even revisit certain days until you feel you’ve really integrated that day’s practice into your routine. 

How to Use This Book For Your Clients

This book is like getting two amazing tools in one…

Once you integrate these practices into your life and see the incredible results they can achieve in your finances, health, and relationships, you might choose to help your clients adopt them, too. 

Again, you’ll notice that every single one of these happiness practices is backed up with scientific research…

So when you share these practices with clients, you’re really coaching them from a positive psychology framework. Cool, right?
Just pay $7.95 for shipping & handling!

Here’s What Readers Are Saying About 
Now Is Your Chance...

Like a Friend Who’s Speaking To Me
“This is truly a gem of a book. I have been reading a lot of other similar books...but this is like a friend who is speaking to me and giving me such encouragement to be a positive spirit. Full of great advice and wisdom.”
- Bumbles
Gets My Day Started Right
“I love this book! The chapters are not too long and they really are helpful. There are little notes throughout to help challenge you and stay inspired. This book has really helped me form a more positive mindset and gets my day started out right. I bought a couple as gifts for people for the holidays!”
- Allie B.
A Happy Approach to Learning Positive Psychology 
“Such an incredible read. Niyc takes you on a month-long journey with a 30 day guide, “to creating powerful, purposeful and meaningful change.” Having known Niyc and worked with her, she knows her stuff. This book is absolutely phenomenal and offers such a happy approach to learning positive psychology!” 
- Ash P.
Read a Chapter Every Morning
“I actually read a chapter a morning before writing down my gratitude and affirmations. It's been a really good thing to have. When I first read it I wasn't in the right frame of mind and really struggled to take it in.I love following Niyc and her success, she's very inspiring and I really loved this book.
- Hollie D.
Just pay $7.95 for shipping & handling!



About Niyc Pidgeon

Positive Psychologist MSc BSC CTLLS IPPA

Award Winning & Best-Selling Hay House Author

Certified High Performance & Success Coach CHPC

Niyc is on a mission to help a million people change their lives through entrepreneurship and positive psychology by the year 2020 (and is well on her way!)

Niyc is a Brit based in Los Angeles, and proudly travels the world to speak on big stages and run her own live events, won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Psychology Book Of The Year 2017, and Most Outstanding.

Positive Psychologist 2018. She has been appointed as a Supporting Partner at United Nations Women UK as an Ambassador for their Onebracelet campaign to end violence against women, and has helped more than 10,000 women-led businesses create success.

Niyc has been featured in numerous mainstream media, and her award-winning and best-selling book, Now Is Your Chance, is a 30-Day Guide To Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology, is published by the world's largest mind body and spirit publisher, Hay House. She is now working on her second title, Force of Nature.


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Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes. If for any reason you don’t think Now Is Your Chance is the right resource for you at this time, let us know within 7 days of receiving your purchase and we’ll issue a refund.

What if I need help implementing what I learn?

You’re in luck, because I have plenty of ways for you to get the help you need! If you’re a female coach or entrepreneur and find yourself wanting more guidance on how to implement what you learn here, I encourage you to reach out to me on Instagram (@niycpidge) or send my team an email at support@unstoppablesuccess.com.

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If for any reason you don’t receive your order within 14 days, please reach out to my team at support@unstoppablesuccess.com for support. 
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